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Our Pricing Policies

UPDATE - June 2016: With the price of gold dropping below $1500 per ounce we have not been able to make a living as small-scale gold miners and we do not currently have any gold inventory for sale. Hopefully the price will come back up soon and we can go back to doing what we love for a living.

Our prices are adjusted each Friday around 6:00 PM MST to reflect the current market prices.

About Gold Prices in the U.S.A.

The price of gold that is reported to the U.S. public via the media, known as the "spot" price, is based upon options trading of gold futures contracts (paper gold) At the New York Mercantile Exchange's (NYMEX) COMEX division. For more information about how the COMEX works you can visit this site: - How to buy silver & gold on the COMEX or do a Google search.
See the Kitco spot price graph in the upper right corner of this page for current spot price.

"Currently there is an unprecedented shortage of physical metal in the real gold and silver bullion markets. It is very difficult to buy physical gold and silver and the premiums (the amount over the spot price charged by dealers) are the highest since the 1980s and the waiting period is blowing out to 8 weeks or more for delivery."

The COMEX price no longer reflects the TRUE MARKET PRICE of gold.

"artificially through a process of short selling on contracts, the price of gold and silver was driven down as part of the effort to boost up the dollar. Of course this only affected the COMEX gold and silver price and had no effect on the real price of gold and silver, which is demonstrably in short supply, except to focus more attention on the ever widening gap between the two."

At this time it is generally agreed by most retail gold dealers and buyers that the best TRUE MARKET PRICE indicator is the daily average of eBay sales of gold bullion coins and bars.

Because gold bullion coins have what is called "numismatic" and special collectors value attached to them, we use the eBay "Gold Bullion 1oz." daily average prices for comparisons. Remember, natural placer gold nuggets are far rarer than gold bullion coins or bars!

These average daily numbers can be viewed at bottom of each page. They are updated daily around 2 A.M. PST and are based on the prices of completed auctions on eBay.
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Placer Gold nuggets are each unique and therefore command higher prices. The larger the placer gold nugget, the higher the price per gram will be. However, if a particular placer gold nugget is listed on our site for more than 6 weeks it will be marked "SPECIAL PRICE" and will be discounted by 10 percent. Placer gold fines in vials are not discounted over time but by watching the "spot" prices you may be able to time your purchases for a "good buy".

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